Lische & Anru

Paternoster, South Africa

How special it was to celebrate the union of these two beautiful people’s journeys coming together as one, in the quaint fishing villiage on the West Coast.

GELUKKIE hosted the perfect intimate celebration for this Spring wedding.

Lische an Anru decided on an unusual approach to the documenting of their beautiful day. They asked a couple of close friends, handy in the art of photography, to each document different aspects of the day.  It was an extremely special opportunity for me to hang out with Lisch whilst she was getting ready for her forever “I do” to one of the most gentlemanly, nicest guys anyone has ever met.

Lisch we’ve come a long way, and you made an exquisite bride, your day was magnificent, and such a beautiful celebration!

We have no doubt that your and Anru’s love will shine on for generations to come.

Venue: GELUKKIE, Paternoster

Flowers & Decor: LOVE AFFAIR

Hair & Make Up: Jeanne, IMAGINATION STUDIO

Dress: Joné Geldenhuys


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