About Me

Hi! I’m Miko, I live with my, wild at heart, Michael (he is also my partner in crime in documenting your excitement and love for each other) and our two fur kids, Beans & Quentin.  We are keen outdoors enthusiasts and love sitting around a fire chatting the night away, we’re constantly inspired by the mountains and the ocean. Storytelling is what we love and documenting mood is what is important to us.

Photography has always been around in my life, but it was in high school when I first started to explore the medium of photography as a method of story telling. I used to sketch portraits by Sabastião Salgado for most of my art exams and this really got me thinking about the workings of light and how its captured.  It was after my gap year that I decided to formally pursue photography, and throughout my studies my favourite thing was to spend hours, days, in the darkroom.  There is something powerful about the delicate, precise process of developing film by hand, and inspecting it under the enlarger and intimately creating memories one can physically hold.

I ventured on to an internship through Yuri Arcurs productions in 2012.  I have produced imagery, in Denmark and Brazil, as well as Cape Town and am now an exclusive lifestyle content producer for GettyImages.  In the world of commercial photography I quickly learned that it takes an entire team for the day to run smoothly.  I’m privileged to work with wonderful producers, make up artists, stylists, assistants and models, without whom shoots like these would not be possible.  This genre takes a lot more directing from my side, but I still tend to step back and grab authentic moments in between.  We have itchy feet, and are always looking for an adventure whether it means taking our cameras, chest deep, down a river in a Rain forest or just hopping in the car for a weekend away.